Breakfast, lunch & Hydration

Cheese burger

New York City Heatwave It was an action packed weekend, we went out to Little Island, dinner, and to Coney Island. NYC is still going through a heatwave, our apartment is heating up as I’m typing. We enjoyed burgers, beers, fries, bbq, and drinks, come Monday, I had to pay for it. The delicious, salty, … Read more

Quick & Easy Pho Recipe

Quick & Easy Pho Recipe

Made Pho last night and I’m satisfied with the end result. The broth is a mix between chicken and beef, to create a lighter and tastier broth. We usually use a mix of bones and beef cuts (leg, tri-tip, rib, oxtail), but this time we wanted to keep it light, simple, and easy. The produce … Read more

Lose 25 lbs & Lifestyle Plan Part 1

Now that I’m fully healed, I’m working on a new diet and training plan. The goals will be to: Create a life style change Eat clean on 6/7 days Tune regiment to include martial arts, lifting, running, cardio, stretching and recovery Cut weight to 155 lbs (70kg), current weight 185 lbs (83kg) Keep active & … Read more

Lobo Pad Thai Stir-fry Sauce Review

Instant Pad Thai Lobo Pad Thai Stir-fry Sauce

We’ve been on this huge Thai food kick lately and decided to make some of our own. Rather than buying the individual ingredients for the sauce, we decided to try some instant sauce packets. To prepare, all you need is to stir fry the noodle, egg, veggies, and protein with the sauce. The whole process … Read more