Breakfast for Champions & Progress Update

While I’m happy with my cardio progress, my boxing and footwork is getting faster, I am no where near hitting the progressive milestones “lose 25 lbs & life style change”.

The reality of it is:

  • I need to scale down and include more rest days
  • I also need to incorporate dedicated weight lifting days
  • It’s not physically possible for me to do both with out rest days

The challenge is unrealistic expectations and wanting to do it all. I’m going to rework my regiment.

The last few days my weight has been fluctuating

At my heaviest, I was 189, and it my lowest 182. It’s insane how much water you can shed if you push yourself to the limit. That day I did a 8 mile bike ride, boxing and sparring, and BJJ gi. I also need to reconsider double sessions.

My muscles were completely depleted of glycogen, and muscles exhausted, I could barely move let alone pass some ones guard, I would like avoid unnecessary injury from non quality training.

I tried to do a few rounds on the bag after training, but couldn’t last a minute throwing rounded houses, much less punches.


I cut my left middle finger while prepping dinner, might take 4-5 days to seal and heal. This really messed me up as now I can’t properly use my left hand in training. While a set back, I can now have time to heal, bike ride, start my road work. My cardio is still not where I want it to be, maybe this is blessing in disguise.


My diet has cleaned up, except for the doughnuts and ice cream the wifey fed me. I need to cut those out, tough when its marital pressure.

Breakfast / Lunch:

  • 1 green smoothie (kale, apple, ginger, banana)
  • 1 Protein shake (2 scoops, banana, berries, mint)
  • PB sandwich
  • BBQ Roasted Chicken Sandwich
Air Fry BBQ Roasted Chicken
Protein Fuel
Love my Canondale

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