Lobo Pad Thai Stir-fry Sauce Review

We’ve been on this huge Thai food kick lately and decided to make some of our own.

Rather than buying the individual ingredients for the sauce, we decided to try some instant sauce packets.

To prepare, all you need is to stir fry the noodle, egg, veggies, and protein with the sauce.

The whole process was pretty easy and end result was palatable. Wasn’t anything like fresh Pad Thai from a restaurant, but was edible. I had to add some fish sauce for more seasoning.

There’s a low ceiling of satisfaction with these easy go to packets, I don’t think we’ll try these again.


  • tastes like pad thai
  • easy to make
  • low price


  • didn’t quite hit the spot flavor wise
  • tastes the tamarind, but was missing some thing, that je nais se quoi

It’s a decent option to change up your dinner routines, but not an option I would consider again. We have some more “Instant” style Thai packets to go through, will report our findings next time.

We may need to lower my expectations for the next few.

My rating is a 6.5/10.

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