Best resource for learning JavaScript from scratch is the best resource for any aspiring web developer!

I’ve been practicing and learning JavaScript for over a decade, with the support of misc online tutorials and a hodgepodge of physical and electronic books, my understanding of the language has never been “complete”.

Most Javascript books I’ve read in the past we’re insanely dry and would put me to sleep. That was until I discovered

What I love about

  1. Easy to read and follow
  2. Complete and updated JS curriculum
  3. Uses real world examples to convey concepts
  4. Minimal, ad-free, UI and easy to use UX
  5. Meaningful review problems after each section
  6. Free and available online for anyone

Big thanks to Illya Kantor and the team for the great work, content, and making the language much more digestable for the masses.

I’m carving out time to dedicate to myself to reading this resource from beginning to end.

I highly recommend you check out this site, I even bought their ebook to support their team and to read while traveling.

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